• Gather information about graduate skillset and academic career.

  • Understand the type of support needed by the company.

  • Matching suitable STEM graduates to SMEs and Start-Ups

  • We do not currently receive money for our services.

  • We do not guarantee we will match you with a company or a graduate.

  • We are not responsible for the actions of either party after the connection is made

Our ethics

GenerationHelp is a graduate initiative to help companies persevere in this challenging time. We are looking for like-minded people to join the initiative and revive the economy. This initiative should be seen, by both parties, as a way to help each other and alleviate the pressure by connecting graduates, who are eager to gain experience and apply their skills in a work environment, with companies who would benefit from additional support.  

Mutual respect between parties is of the utmost importance. The current situation is prohibitive and difficult for everyone, and the mandate here at GenerationHelp is that we are all in this together. 


Both parties should see this as a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate, and help each other in this difficult time. 

Who we are

Tomer and Will met studying Physics at The University of Leeds,  together they founded GenerationHelp to support their fellow graduates in finding work during the pandemic

I am an Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc graduate (Distinction) with a degree in Physics (1st). I thrive in challenging environments, enjoy problem solving and have a passion for learning.

My special interests are medical device development and biotechnology. I strive for a career with purpose and the opportunity to improve the lives of others.


I enjoy playing hockey, and was using this year for a 3 month trip around New Zealand. Unfortunately it was cut short to 2 weeks.

Will Harvey

I am a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering MSc (Distinction) and Physics BSc (2.1). I'm a confident leader with strong communication and research skills gained throughout my academic and professional career. 


I have a strong desire to work in the sustainable engineering sector ignited by my theses on global warming and smart cities. 


I'm the founder of a football team and spent the last year ski and snowboard instructing in Whistler Blackcomb, which was absolutely incredible.

Tomer Tricot