Frequently asked questions

What is GenerationHelp?

GenerationHelp is a matchmaking service for STEM graduates and SMEs. We make the connection and generate a platform for collaboration.

Who will I be matched with?

We match you based on the skills and interests of the graduate, with the requirements and industry of the company.

What skills do I need?

All you need is to be a recent graduate or are graduating soon! The skills you have may be a perfect match to a company . Please ensure to make your skills known when you are signing up.

How long will it take until I am matched?

There is no guarantee that there will be a match, but our network is growing and the likelihood of finding you a match is only increasing.

What happens after I am matched with someone?

It is all down to you! Both parties will have a discussion and see where there is potential for collaboration. We are here to make the match, but the opportunities are endless.

Once I am matched do I have to progress?

No, the purpose of the matching is to have a further discussion about the relationship. We at GenerationHelp can connect graduates and companies as best we can based on skills and requirements, but a further conversation must be had to ensure you are right for each other. If you are, fantastic! If it doesn’t look like you can collaborate, don’t worry! Our network of companies and graduates is constantly growing and we will try our best to make new matches.